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Which version of Lua are you using?  I ran your script and didn't have any problems under 5.1.

You are correct in that next(table) should return nil;  I don't know why it would behave differently for you unless you are using a broken version of Lua or something.

-----Original Message-----
From: on behalf of Kevin Chen
Sent: Sun 5/7/2006 4:51 PM
Subject: Deleting non-numerical index from table
Once I have used a non-numerical table index, is it possible to delete the 
index itself so that it is not returned from a call to next()?

For example:

table = {}
table["index"] = true    -- arbitrary value
table["index"] = nil    -- delete the value, so shouldn't the index itself 
be non-existent?
i = next(table)    -- programmer expects resulting i to be nil
if(table[i] ~= nil) then
    print("Why am I here?")