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You can use something like that (tested) :
---- foo.lua ----
-- declare helper functions
function push_env_table(t)
 local g = getfenv(0)
    setmetatable(t, {__index=g})
 setfenv(0, t)
function pop_env_table()
 local t = getfenv(0)
    local g = getmetatable(t).__index
 setfenv(0, g)
-- declare local stuff
foo = "foo"
function ffoo()
 return "ffoo"
-- loading a file require 4 lines, you could make a function of it
envbar = {}
-- to use a file simply prepend the env table you defined
print(ffoo(), envbar.ffoo())
---- bar.lua ----
foo = "bar"
function ffoo()
 return "fbar"

De : [] De la part de Raymond Jacobs
Envoyé : 5 mai 2006 09:52
À : Lua list
Objet : multiple lua files with same-named functions

Greetings All,
I am having a bit of an issue with the system I've made.
I have a single lua_State with a number of registered C functions in it.
whenever I want to execute another script file, I make a new co-routine (from C),
I load the lua code into this new co-routine, and then call a function on it.
the issue is that all of these different script files have functions of the same name,
and it seems that if i have previously loaded a script with the function 'onCreate' in it,
and I load a new script which doesn't have an onCreate function (yet it tries to call it) it will find
the previously loaded onCreate function, I would rather that it say onCreate doesn't exist (since it is not in the script I've loaded),
but it seems whatever code i load all of the functions get stored into the global state, is this right?
and if so how can I solve it? a brute force idea is to clear all the functions from the global state before loading a new script
but that sounds awful =/
any info is appreciated, thanks!
Raymond Jacobs
Ethereal Darkness Interactive