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Hi Olive,

On 4/29/06, Oliver Schoenborn <> wrote:
Hi Robert, it would sure be helpful to get a quick list of those
shortcomings, from *your* point of view.

The key shortcomming was not being able to get things to compile out
of the bag on a standard platform.  Its over six weeks since I did my
assult on the topic so I'm a bit cold on it.  Through this month I'll
be putting in quite a few hours on the topic so will be able to
interact a bit more productively as time goes on.

> So I was wondering Oliver how you had got on since the beginning of the month?

I'm still in the early stages: I'm gathering data (slowly - basically
seeing what's the best of each of the packages I mentioned in my first
email), I'm weighing different alternative idioms for expressing
argument passing/return values/access/creation/extension, and I have a
simple lua interpreter wrapper.  Unfortunately not much you could use
right now. But I welcome any and all participants. The developer of
CppLua has expressed interest but nothing has come of that yet. I'd like
to hear what you find about Fusion.

Fusion is yet portable enough to test on my dev platform (Linux) so
things have stalled a bit there.   Fusion goes for the intrusive
approach to Lua/C++ integration i..e you subclass from   base classes
that provide the integration.  It would be nice to have a non
intrusive approach to integration so we can wrap 3rdParty libraries
that know nothing about the wrapping tool/classes.

One approach I'm considering is to use C++ introspection support to
get the class interfaces and wrap this with some Lua/C++ glue code. The project that I lead, the OpenSceneGraph, has its own introspection
support as an add-on library (osgIntrospection), so it fits the non
intrusive requirement.

I haven't yet looked at integration osgIntrospection and lua, but this
may actually be the most productive route.  The introspection support
in the OSG can work on non OSG based codes, at least that's the
theory, we have yet to test it yet :)

My plan is learn about how to go about C++ and Lua integration, and
leverage as much of the existing tools or knowledge rather than invent
yet another wheel.