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> D Burgess wrote:
>> Please, can all of the embedded users of Lua help me with some
>> magic one liners of why they think Lua is so good for embedded
>> systems?
> On top of all of the great reason why Lua is good non-embedded,
> it has a straightforward license for embedding, no dependancies,
> unobtrusive API, a small binary footprint, and pretty
> readable/moddable source.

I can second that. I'm using Lua in a small embedded app
and I got rid of newlib and its relative bloat.

I pulled together a very lightweight C runtime and was able
to integrate it with Lua fairly easily. A couple of tweaks
in luaconf.h and I was up and running.

I have to say the source code is very easy to read and also
very clean. It compiles with no warnings and is a pleasure to

I plan to add Lua as a scripting interface whenever possible.

I used to use Forth for embedded app interfaces, and for very
memory constrained systems, I still do.

But Lua just "feels" like the right thing to do.

Cheers, Ralph