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I'm happy to announce stdlib for Lua 5.1.

For those of you who don't know, stdlib is a collection of Lua libraries for general programming. Modules include extensions to base functions, extensions to tables and lists, functional and object-oriented programming primitives, extensible pretty printing (now including XML output), and a few more specialised modules such as a getopt implementation, a parser generator, and an mbox parser.

Currently, stdlib should work on both Lua 5.0 (with compat-5.1.lua) and 5.1, but future development will concentrate on 5.1.

Thanks to those on the list here who helped me get to grip with the new module system, and to the LuaForge team for helping me set up there and migrate the CVS repository from SourceForge.

Get stdlib from:

Currently all that's available is CVS; once I've tested and shaken down a bit more I'll make a release.

If anyone's interested in working on stdlib, do let me know; I don't think there's anything else offering the same functionality, and it's all pretty basic stuff that shouldn't have to be rewritten by every programmer. Most of the existing code was written or adapted and then used by me for real projects, so there's a reasonably solid basis. In particular, little-used code has been removed. I do have plans to integrate some more general-purpose stuff in the near future.

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