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There's a posix library at
that includes some of these.

I thought luafilesystem was designed for the kepler project and so didn't have all feature on purpose?


Mildred wrote:


I'm actually using luafilesystem but I think it would be great to have
others functions :
- a recursive flag for mkdir
- a copy function (which would be able to copy folders)
- maybe some functions to know if a file exists
- basename and dirname
- chmod, chown
- a way to create named pipes on unix systems (mkfifo)

Why these functions are missing ?
If youre interested, I can try to make a patch.

Also there are others functions that i want to see in the main library
(since I have to include them on almose evry project I have in lua) :
- try(function, functionHandler) : do a ppcall on function and call
functionHandler on error
- class(parentClass, table) : metatable(table).__index=parentClass
- addmetatable(object, key, value) : instead of :
	local mt = getmetatable(object)
	setmetatable(object, mt)