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On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 16:42:49 -0500
Javier Guerra <> wrote:
> Now it's R-4
> the only significant addition is a TCP I/O, but now it's wonderfully
> easy to write a server!
> didn't need to touch the base helper library, and just a single-line
> add to the Lua scheduler (to better handle error messages from a
> thread); so i think it's feature complete enough for my original
> goals.
> now it only needs a few testers to go beta...
I've been working on designing a Syslog/Metalog replacement and this
fits the budget ;)
The main problem was that I wanted to use multiple threads so that log
processing didn't cause any backlog of msgs in in/output, and this is
exactly what I needed.
I plan on setting up a custom library to read the 2 linux logging
interfaces asynchronously, as well as a simple async SQLite library.
(Does anyone think having SQLite as async output format is important?
In previous experience, some file-system's FSYNC performance is
horrible, so I don't want that stalling things).

I think this oughtta get plenty of testing, since it'll be a
long-running process ;)
Thomas Harning Jr.
Just don't make the '9' format pack/unpack numbers...  :-)
             -- Larry Wall in <>

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