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asko wrote:
> An old dream of mine, is to have programming (C/C++) sources being  
> able to have fonts, italics, colour, and even embedded diagrams or  
> pictures.

Are you aware of Donald Knuth's paradigm of Literate Programming?

The problem with this approach of programming is that every program
you write wants to be published.  This is not really practical in day
to day work.  I enjoy writing in the literate programming style
immensely, but I do have to have the peace of mind to do it.  If
you're starting to rush or are working together with people who do not
share your penchant for beautiful code, everything ends up like a big
pile of poo.

Oh, and there is a remarkable lack of nice tools to help write code in
this fashion.  I know there's noweb, funnelweb and CWEB and others,
but as soon as your platform is Windows only or you don't want to use
TeX (silly not to, but sometimes unavoidable), you're out of luck.