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Thanks for the reply,

What is the best way for me to patch this into my code?

I cant see a problem in me patching this into lua_dump(),
I think it is just luac and string.dump that use it, I was thinking
about an optional parameter on string.dump.

Maybe best if I create lua_dump_strip()?

David B

Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo  wrote:
> > lua5.1
> > lua_dump() and consequently string.dump() do not expose
> > the option for strpping (equivalent to -s on luac).
> >
> > Is there a special reason for this?
> None. Just no one had required it before. However, adding such an option
> would require changing the signature of lua_dump and thus breaking existing
> code... Perhaps we can come up with a better solution for 5.2.