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I'm just updating my stdlib package for Lua 5.1, and I find that although I was already using Kepler's compat-5.1.lua, there's a difference with the real thing in the behaviour of require: namely, Lua 5.1 complains when require loops (a requires b requires c requires a).

I can see ways of getting round this, e.g. setting package.loaded at the top of a module, but how should I be doing this? (Answers suggesting "get rid of your loops" will not be looked on kindly: a straightforward grouping of functions into modules by functionality results in loops, e.g. bind (from std.base, to partially bind a function) calls list.concat, while the std.list calls lots of functions in base.)

compat-5.1.lua sets package.loaded["name"] before loading the module, so loops are fine. (I do see the use of unwanted loop detection.)

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