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ah, I see.  I didn't realize the manual took this convention and was confused when reading that section.  Thanks.

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From: on behalf of Aaron Brown
Sent: Sun 3/19/2006 12:42 PM
Subject: Re: manual correction
Ryanne Thomas Dolan wrote:

>In the 5.1 manual's description of package.loaded, it says
>require will return the value of package.loaded
>[modulename] if the value "is not false".  I believe this
>should read "is not false or nil".

The full quote is:

>When you require a module modname and
>package.loaded[modname] is not false, require simply
>returns the value stored there.

I can see how someone might misread this but, consistently
with the rest of the manual, "false" here is in a regular
typeface, which means it's being used as an adjective (e.g.,
"*nil* is a false value"; the keyword "false" always appears
in a special typeface (e.g., "the boolean value *false*".

Sorry this isn't threaded -- for some reason most messages
don't make it to my Hotmail account and I have to read them
in the archive and reply to them by starting a new thread.