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Hi all,

I have installed Lua 5.1 for an embedded Linux system (CRIS architecture on the Axis Devboard. See if you're interested) and everything seems to be working fine. Very impresive. (And also slighty dissapointing in that I can take no credit for the 'port' ;-) . )

As a newbie to Lua, I have a couple of very basic questions:

1. For my pirposes I would like the added functionality of the Luafilessytem module, available at the Kepler project., but I am not sure if the modules at kepler (v5.0) will work with Lua 5.1?

2. I like the idea of my programs in Lua being able to use some custom C libraries. To that end I suppose I would have to write wrappers around the library functions that conform to the C API spec. Could anyone suggest where to look for some simple examples of this C API?..

Many thanks,