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Has anyone given LuaJIT 1.1 some heavy work embedded in an app
under win32?

Mostly things are fine for me, but one app's UI object creation
loop makes LuaJIT panic with "not enough memory" where vanilla
Lua 5.1 only eats about 3 megs (and peaks at around 5 megs)
according to collectgarbage() and barely breaks a sweat.

I don't think the LuaJIT run is genuinely eating
memory in a runaway fashion, since its RSS/VMSIZE isn't
much larger.  COCO_DISABLE doesn't help, and neither does
an early

My win32 test environment is let's say 'unusual' but hasn't
shown this discrepancy elsewhere, so I wanted to see if
anyone else was witnessing similar win32 problems before
really panicking.  My regular win32 alpha testing pals are
mostly still asleep right now.  ;)