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I don't believe so. It is created suspended, and I want it to start, but for some reason I can't resume it once it has yielded. wrote:

Shouldn't you be calling yield() instead of resume(co)?

- Jeremy

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-------- Original Message --------
Subject: Is this a scoping issue?
From: Lee Smith <>
Date: Thu, March 16, 2006 11:41 am

I'm having some problems with a coroutine I create. Here is the order of things:

I create a lua_State and load 3 files into it, each containing its own function as follows:

In file1:

function init()
   print "init"
   co = coroutine.create(process)

In file2:

function process()
   print "yielding the coroutine"
   print "running again"

In file3:

function callback()
   print "resuming"

Now, when I make a lua_pcall to init, the coroutine starts the process function just like I would expect. Once it yields, I run off and do some stuff in my c code, and then pcall callback to wake the coroutine back up. However the call to resume is failing. Here is my output:

yielding the coroutine
c++ - doing some work
false   cannot resume non-suspended coroutine

Any ideas as to where I've gone wrong?