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Provided that all allocation is done through lua_newstate() you are quite
right.  It looks like it uses realloc in one place, the static function
l_alloc() in lauxlib.c.  I am puzzled however in that a search through the
source for the phrase _newstate  shows very few actual uses of the

Wait, actually it seems that lua_State() redefines luaL_newstate() which
redefines lua_newstate() in lauxlib.h.  That's probably how the allocator
gets propagated, since lua_State is called all over the place.

Thus I can either redefine realloc or even easier include gc.h in lauxlib.c
and replace realloc with GC_REALLOC().  An equivalent statement is probably
true for free() in the same function, which can be replace with GC_FREE().
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