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Hi everybody,

In lua 5.1 I found out that on my machine this code does not work out of the
box (luaconf.h). 
(VC8, Athlon64)
When I comment this out everything works great with the fallback cast.
int k;
double d = 1.d;
After calling "lua_number2int(k, d);" k was still 0. I didn't investigate
further but this let arrayindex(..) work incorrect and therefore tables were
handled incorrectly (e.g. lua_next(..))

#if defined(LUA_NUMBER_DOUBLE) && !defined(LUA_ANSI) && !defined(__SSE2__)
&& \
    (defined(__i386) || defined (_M_IX86) || defined(__i386__))
union luai_Cast { double l_d; long l_l; };
#define lua_number2int(i,d) \
  { volatile union luai_Cast u; u.l_d = (d) + 6755399441055744.0; (i) =
u.l_l; }

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask - I will be in the office at
monday again.

Sebastian Rohde

Blue Byte GmbH | | 
Phone:     +49 (0) 211 / 33800-523