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Diego Nehab wrote:

I'm considering porting (part of) a perl application to lua to run on an embedded Linux platform. One missing component I don't see easily available is the ability to send out arbitrarily constructed packets via a raw socket interface. Has anyone created such a binding?

I can send you one that implements Unix domain sockets. The example
version I distributed with LuaSocket 2.0 is broken (my bad), but it
should be easy to fix and I will do that soon. From that, you can figure
out how to change it to raw sockets.


Thanks, I'll take you up on that offer.

The application I'm interested in is a small version of "PacketFence", on a commodity router, for deployment internally in our network for network control. In particular, I intend to use ARP spoofing to isolate internal miscreant systems. I could write the app in C, but I expect lua will provide a quick proof of concept, and likely adequate performance for production, at a savings in programming time. The original app requires perl, mysql, etc. - way more than I can put on the box, and way more functionality than I want anyway.....

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