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On Mar 05, 2006, at 16:15, mr. Aleph wrote:

While there are no possibility to clone functions,

local aFunction = function( aName )
        return ( "%s! Yes, we can!" ):format( aName )
local aFunctionCopy = loadstring( string.dump( aFunction ) )

print( aFunction )
print( aFunction( "Bob" ) )
print( aFunctionCopy, aFunction == aFunctionCopy )
print( aFunctionCopy( "Bob" ) )
print( aFunctionCopy( "Bob" ) )

> function: 0x119350
> Bob! Yes, we can!
> function: 0x119520      false
> Bob! Yes, we can!

 setfenv (debug.setfenv) remains almost useless.

Perhaps esoteric, but not useless. Anytime you use loadstring, setfenv will come handy. setfenv is also a useful way to 'mark' functions for various devious purpose.


PA, Onnay Equitursay