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That is exactly what I was thinking.

Keith Howe wrote:
On 3/1/06, Michael Broughton <> wrote:
Am I the only person who thinks there should be shallow and deep copy
functions in the table library? Or at least in the Wiki? Perhaps even
three functions... shallow, deep, and deep with refs.

I'd love to see that. In fact, I work with a custom C library now that
does something interesting, which is a deep copy with internally
consistent references (or maybe that's what you meant by "deep with
refs"?). In other words, if you setup this table:

oldtbl["a"] = {"somedata"};
oldtbl["b"] = oldtbl["a"];

you can copy it to newtbl such that newtbl["a"] would be a new copy of
the "somedata" table, and newtbl["b"] would be a reference to the
*new* table copy in newtbl["a"].

I know, wishful thinking, but anyhow...

- K.Howe