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Lua 5.1, tolua++-1.0.90, Win32 (VC8)

As my first foray into tolua++, I am attempting to bind GL2PS, the
"OpenGL to PostScript printing library" available at
<> .  I'm stuck at the gl2psBeginPage
function, which looks like this:

GLint gl2psBeginPage( const char *title, const char *producer,
                      GLint viewport[4],
                      GLint format, GLint sort, GLint options,
                      GLint colormode, GLint colorsize,
                      GL2PSrgba *colortable,
                      GLint nr, GLint ng, GLint nb,
                      GLint buffersize, FILE *stream,
                      const char *filename )

It's the "GL2PSrgba *colortable" and (especially) "FILE *stream" that
have me scratching my head.  Both are input args.  I can provide a
partially functional tolua-ized copy of the library's header file...