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> In my experience, using fixed point arithmetic in anything that is  
> intended to be general purpose (s.a. Lua core) is simply a 
> Bad Idea.   
> Where fixed point work, is coordinate systems etc. where you 
> can make  
> some assumptions about the values and operations performed on those  
> numbers.

After more thought, I agree. I am not going to alter the lua core to use
fixed point. If I need fixed point, I will create it as a fixed point
library. This will require all fixed point arithmetic to be explicit.

Basically, I started this thread based on a misunderstanding. I
interpreted "integer patch" to refer to "fixed point integer patch". My

But one of my other questions still holds: will the latest version of
the integer patch work with 5.1 final? The integer optimisations
described sound like they will be valuable on phone hardware, which
almost invariably don't have hardware floating point.
> Just my 5 cents (there's no 2c in Finland ;)

Australia doesn't have 2c either. :)

- DC