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While it's not an "LUA" solution, if your using C or C++ (and I assume you are because you posted here) then you might want to have a look at gSOAP (  While you will still have to read the documentation, lots of samples are provided.  I've used gSOAP to implement 5 standalone web service servers over the last 3 years.  It works.

The drill is something like this:

Create a header file that contains the declarations you want to become your RPC (web service) methods.
Run the gSoap tool Soap2CPP over the header file - it generates code that you use to build your webservice.  You have to flesh out the stubs for the RPC calls.

My latest use is "Kibble", a pair of programs for use with the Blackdog (embedded linux) device  ( which uses SOAP (gSOAP based) as an RPC mechanism from the device to the host PC.  It allows passing arbitrary LUA code from the device to the host for execution, returning results.


On Mon, 27 Feb 2006 14:05:17 +0000, Robert Raschke wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I need to provide a SOAP service.  Has anyone here used Xavante et
>> al. for this already and can provide some pointers?
>> Alternatively, what do people use for this?  Apache/PHP, ASP.NET,
>> Websphere, or ...?
>> A quick search online lead to no quick answers.  I'm not really
>> very keen to get into the murky waters of any of the above (apart
>> from Xavante, of course).  Essentially I have three functions that
>> need to get invoked by a third party using SOAP.  I thought this
>> would be pretty simple, but I'm struggling to find the simple docs
>> to explain how to do this.
>> Any help is much appreciated,
>> Robby