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There is a bin2c.lua around (on the Wiki I think).  If not mail me and
I will send it to you.

lua_dobuffer becomes :-

int luaL_loadbuffer (lua_State *L, const char *buff,
                               size_t sz, const char *name);
followed by
lua_call or lua_pcall

David B.

PS. On Windows apps. I found it best to load lua code from resource

On 2/26/06, Matt Campbell <> wrote:
> Hello:
> I noticed that bin2c was dropped from Lua 5.1, presumably because
> lua_dobuffer no longer exists in lauxlib.  Will bin2c ever be re-written
> for Lua 5.1?  If not, what's the recommended way to embed Lua chunks in
> a C program now?  Thanks.
> --
> Matt Campbell
> Lead Programmer
> Serotek Corporation
> "The Accessibility Anywhere People"