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I don't know if someone had already mentionned it, but since this "problem" is still present in the Lua-5.1 archive on (, I thought that it would be better to say it:
I think that there is a problem in ltablib.c (from lua 5.1 final) at line 141. The line is:
  last = luaL_opt(L, luaL_checkint, 4, luaL_getn(L, 1));
'luaL_opt' and 'luaL_checkint' seem to be invalid symbols here; I suppose the correct line is
  last = luaL_optint(L, 4, luaL_getn(L, 1));
This problem is kind of obvious though, since the compiler should immediatly raise an error when parsing this...That's why I wonder why I didn't see any message about that before (maybe I missed something else?) :s
Julien Patte