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A few notes:
- module is defined in Lua-5.1, or in Lua-5.0 using compat.lua

... using compat-5.1.lua . compat.lua found at lua/src/etc is to make Lua5 be compatible with Lua4.

- module don't have to be called with the file's name, but it is very advised to do so

... in Lua-5.1 you can write: module(...)
... in Lua-5.0 with compat-5.1 you can write: module(arg[1])

- module should be the first function to be called in the file/script/chunk, or will you have unexpected behavior.

... See my other e-mail. My compat-5.1 can be broken (I changed it a bit from the original distro), but if you call module after declaring a function/global, then they will be put in globals and in the module's new environment. with Lua-5.1 final, just the functions before the call of module will be put in globals. I have to check my compat-5.1 to see if I made some mistake, but the important thing is to be conscientious about unexpected behaviors like this one when you use module after other declaration. IIRC, this has been discussed some months ago in this mailing list.

Sorry again for not being clear.