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On Thu, 23 Feb 2006 08:47:23 +0100
Jilani Khaldi <> wrote:


> what library to use to write CGI apps with Lua?
> Thanks!

I'm currently working on such a thing for fun, it's called WebTEK. I'm
running my own project page and webpages of my former employee on it.
Database access is currently only in prototype state and hardwired to
PostgreSQL. The main ideas that went into the project is that it handles
session management comfortably, has a small footprint, is portable, and
operates in a virtual filesystem, which can be extended using pluggable
I/O handlers (session management, popen() etc. are all handled as I/O

See - use the "pagesource" link at the bottom to
get an impression. It's not currently documented nor publicly available,
but given some interest, I may update and open up the CVS. 

- Timm