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On Wednesday 22 February 2006 12:39, Lisa Parratt wrote:
> Actually, my current cheat (because I can't be bothered to do what
> you've described yet ;) is to use the same syntax tree to compute all
> the primitive types of function dispatch, spit it out in a C file,
> compile it into a (dynamic) library, and then use that to dispatch the
> calls. Wonderfully portable, an acceptable level of hackiness - the only
> real downsides with it is it need preprocessing (but then so do the data
> structures from the syntax tree), and that it can't support varargs.

Eeee! Acck! That's horrific! OTOH, as you say, it works... what compiler do 
you use? Do you run into problems that invoking the compiler takes an 
unacceptable amount of time? (In which case, tcc would probably really help 
you, particularly as you can use it as a code generation library...)

Oh, yes, for the record: Fabrice Bellard is scarily smart. Have you seen his 
other projects?

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