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Hi people,

I'm proud to say that ethereal (the protocol analizer) finally has an
embeded scripting language (It has been in the wishlist since I
started using it... that's few years).

Now, been new to Lua I might have not done things the propper way or
there might be better ways to do things.

So I'll love to have people with more experience in Lua helping me
testing and improving ethereal's interface to Lua (or is it

I have written embryonic documentation that can be found in
and If you want to navigate the current source for lua's binding you can go to:

if you have a UN*X system (like I do) you need to:
Download one of the recent (post 0.10.14) source traballs from
(take a look at to get one that actually
compiles we are undergoing deep changes in the capture mecanism so it
might not compile on some platforms)

$ bunzip
$ tar xfz  ethereal-0.10.14.tar
$ ./configure --with-lua=path/to/lua-5.0.2/  
$ make
be patient, 1.5M+ lines of code take some time to compile
# make install

I work on a Mac so by now it does not run on windows yet. win32
Makefiles are ready but I'm missing a binary for win32 linked against
glibc (not MS libs) complete of includes to drop in for our buidbot to
have it building ethereal with Lua. Any help on this would be greatly

I'm available to answer any questions (even those regarding networking
problems you might be experiencing :-)

Luis E. G. Ontanon

This information is top security. When you have read it, destroy yourself.
-- Marshall McLuhan