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On 2/16/06, David Manura <> wrote:
> There is a patch "Enhanced table constructors" that does this type of thing (see
>  Though this patch is for Lua 4.0,
> it involves only about two dozen lines, so it might not be difficult to patch
> the latest Lua accordingly.
> I've wanted this type of thing too, so it may be a common desire, but I also
> wasn't sure it was worth going non-standard.  If you need additional help, let
> me know, and please release any patch you make for others interested.

Thank you for help! I'll see if I can port this patch to 5.1. I'm not
currently at work, so I only will able to check at Sunday. And I'll
think if it really worth going non-standard. It a bit problematic -
someone (including me) carelessly upgrading lua without
applying/porting the path  will automatically invalidate all of the
written scripts.

Best regards,