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On Tuesday 14 February 2006 07:14, you wrote:
> Your C code may need to use lua_resume rather than lua_call. Of course,
> then it needs to work in terms of coroutines rather than functions.

The good news is that switching to use a local copy of Lua 5.1w6 with Mike 
Pall's Resumable VM patch now works fine. The bad news is that Lua 5.1w6 is 
rather elderly and doesn't contain a number of features that are now 
confirmed for 5.1 (such as string.gmatch). Also, it's crashing oddly with 
valgrind complaining about uninitialised memory in index2adr, but that may 
not be its fault.

Does anyone know if the resumable VM patch is available for either 5.1rc or 

I still don't know why this isn't working, either (it doesn't work on vanilla 
5.1rc either).

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