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On 2/14/06, Garner Halloran <> wrote:
> LuaEdit has a dll to do real time debugging, but it's not playing nice with
> LuaPlus.  LuaEdit wants to be in charge of creating and destroying the VM
> and so does LuaPlus.  So far I've tried to hack LuaPlus to accept the VM
> that LuaEdit creates, but it's crashing on startup.  So I thought I'd ask
> here and see if anyone else has tried to use these two together for
> debugging.

Sounds interresting. I would suggest trying to contact their support
through email, or the author directly (both emails are on the About
Let us know if you find out anything else, I for one would be
interrested in getting LuaPlus to work with LuaEdit as well.