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Mark Edgar wrote:

Some discussion here last month prompted me to design an extended API for Lua which aims at adding some standard features found in modern desktop and server operating systems (Windows, UN*X, MacOS). This is not meant to be a catch-all API for things like graphics or networking, nor is it meant to be added to the standard Lua distribution. This API simply provides some base-level operating system function which are not covered under the C standard, but are so ubiquitous as to be available on all (non-embedded) systems.

I've written sample implementations for Windows and "POSIX". These rough yet working implementations are only meant as proof-of-concept, but with a bit of polish, they could serve as the standard implementations for these two platforms.

Commence criticism.  :)

How about adding a way to get single keystrokes? Like for example kbhit() function in some compilers. I'm not sure if this fits in the idea of extended API but it's not available in ANSI C.