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On Monday 13 February 2006 23:18, D Burgess wrote:
> Well, the message says it all. And it if you a reading the 5.1
> manual then you wont find much help.
> This subject has been done to death by many. Supermike who has
> produced Coco (see the Wiki) which solves the issue you are
> dealing with.

Actually, this is on 5.0. And can you give me any pointers to *where* in the 
wiki this page is? The only thing I can find is the ejcoro patch. (It's not 
the best-organised wiki in the world.) And I'd rather like to avoid having to 
patch Lua; I'm linking against a system shared library.

The thing is, *why* am I getting this error? I am not doing what it says I'm 
doing. I have a C function that's calling into Lua, which is shuffling pure 
Lua coroutines and occasionally calls non-reentrant C functions, and then 
exits back to the calling C function. That's it. I am *not* trying to yield 
across a C boundary that I am aware of.

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