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> If the Lua authors would warrant, as is the case with Lua 5.0.2, that  
> any 5.1.x version is ABI and API compatible with 5.1, there's  
> basically no issue.

We do warrant that. All previous X.X.x versions of Lua were only
bug-removing versions of X.X, and they will continue to be. Actually,
we do not like the use of the name "5.0.2" as a version, as it is (or
should be), for all practicall purposes, identical to 5.0. (I mean,
if you are discussing bugs or need to refer to specific lines of code
in the source, then it is ok to say that you are using 5.0.x. But
otherwise, people should use 5.0 as the "generic" name for 5.0.x.)

(The reference manual of those versions is always the same, except for
occasional grammatical and spelling corrections.)

-- Roberto