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Hi Derek,

I'm not sure, but could there be a problem with the byte order of values
bigger than 8bits? Little endian vs. Big endian.
I'm not a lua developer so this is more a notice than an answer


Baker, Derek schrieb:
> Hi,
> Is it possible to run compiled Lua on an architecture other than that
> which it was compiled on? For instance, can I compile a lua script to
> bytecode on an x86 platform and run the bytecode on an ARM platform?
> I'm trying that now on a very simple script, and get the error:
>    lua: unknown number format in test.byt
> when trying to run it. This happens when compiling on x86 and trying
> to run on ARM as well as compiling on ARM and trying to run on x86.
> All running Linux, btw.
> Thanks,
> Derek