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we edited the Makefile in the src directory, to re-enable -DLUA_USE_READLINE
(that was commented out), then a make in the top directory worked fine.

for some reason, "make install" didn't work, said " 'install' is up to date ",
but we moved files to /usr/local manually, and now things are fine.

also, we didn't have /usr/include/readline as we hadn't installed the new gcc,
took us a few minutes to figure that one out.

now i know about readline, even.



On Feb 3, 2006, at 7:08 AM, Jens Alfke wrote:

On 2 Feb '06, at 7:52 AM, Rob Shaw wrote:

<x-tad-smaller>Also, in a shell window, you can typically scroll through previously typed input lines</x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller>by using the up-and-down arrow keys. This too could easily be written, but is it</x-tad-smaller>
<x-tad-smaller>already in some small add-on?</x-tad-smaller>

That functionality comes from the 'readline' library, which didn't use to be included in OS X (due to licensing issues) so the Lua makefile disables its use when building on OS X.

But in a post from last month, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:

It turns out that Mac OS X 10.4 has readline and so Lua builds just fine with
Haven't tried this myself, though.