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At the risk of sounding stupid.... What is the link to fill out the

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From: Timothy Downs [] 
Sent: Friday, 3 February 2006 11:25 a.m.
Subject: Lua Survey Results


Windows is the main development platform.
Most Lua code is developed for a desktop platform (rather than game 
console or server).
C++ is the most used language (with Lua).
Metatables are used slightly more than object systems.
Most people like the __index syntax for metatables.
Coroutines are not often used by most.

The two most common improvements wanted in the next verison of Lua are:
* Mike Pall's coroutine patch.
* More libraries.

I'll upload the detailed results when the number of respondents hits 100

(currently 72).


Which operating system do you mainly use in developing using Lua?
Windows 47%
Mac 8%
Unix (inc Linux) 42%
Other 3%

Which setup do you primarily develop Lua code for?
Embedded Device (inc game console) 14%
Desktop 46%
Server (inc web programming) 28%
Other 12%

Which language do you mainly use Lua with?
C 28%
C++ 38%
By itself 29%
Other 6%

How often do you use an object system when writing Lua code?
Always 16%
Often 31%
Sometimes 26%
Rarely 16%
Never 10%

Would you like a particular object system to be canonised (made 
official), or even included in Lua?
Yes 17%
Maybe 44%
No 39%

How often do you use metatables when writing Lua code?
Always 32%
Often 29%
Sometimes 17%
Rarely 18%
Never 4%

How often do you use coroutines when writing Lua code?
Always 4%
Often 18%
Sometimes 24%
Rarely 31%
Never 24%

Which syntax would you prefer for metatables?
__index__ = ... 4%
__index = ... 56%
_index = ... 1%
index = ... 4%
Don't Know / Not Applicable 35%


Timothy Downs