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	Hi Chris,

I just saw that.
The only session I have been able to get working is the first one
(00000001) and even that took some work. I thought it was adding the
extra \\ to the end that made it work, but apparently not, because
when I closed the browser and tried it again it caused another error:
C:\Program Files\Kepler\lua\cgilua/session.lua:62: File exists.

To make it work I just had to remove the assert from that line of
session.lua. making it:
   'lfs.mkdir (root_dir)'
it still errors on that line, it just isn't caught.. and it doesn't
matter to me since the dir actually does exist.

I don't think it should be getting inside the 'if .. then' block on
line 61, which is (in case your version of the file has different line
   'if not lfs.attributes (root_dir) then'

could this be a bug in lfs?
	I've just tried with Windows XP and it does what was expected:
a table is returned in case of an existing directory and nil followed by
an error message in case there is no directory.  I have no idea why it
is not behaving like this in your case :-(