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Hi, Terry,


>         doc = word.Documents.Add()

should be this:

           doc = word.Documents:Add()

Method calls use ':'. Reading and writing properties use '.'.

Fabio Mascarenhas

On 1/31/06, Terry Bayne <> wrote:
> Good Morning.
> I've started using LuaCOM and I have a few questions.  I am not a COM guru so please excuse my ignorance.
>when I try to create a new document - most of the examples on the web
do >something like this:
>         word = luacom.CreateObject("Word.Application")
>     assert(word)
>         word.visible = true
>         -- Works good up to this point
>         doc = word.Documents.Add()
> The last statement fails.  I've tried passing parameters, even tried this:
> All this gets me is a type mismatch error.