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thanks for the amazingly quick patch and subsequent enhancement!

I successfully built Lua 5.1 rc with the clone patch.
My own tests show coroutine.clone to be wellbehaved sofar.

Of course, upvalues written to by one clone appear modified in the
other, as is to be expected.

>One semantic problem: open upvalues remain open only in the
>original coroutine. This is usually what you want, but may yield
>some semantic surprises (pun intended).

I don't quite follow. What's the open/closed distinction here (not
defined in the ref manual, though I see such terminology in the source)?
Can you give an example of a semantic surprise?

Other than that, I'll report back to the list again once I have a
FastCGI webapp in Lua that can demonstrate what I had in mind when
requesting coroutine.clone - that may take a little while.

Cheers, Markus