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I'm in the process of embeding Lua (5.0.2 for now) into ethereal

First I have to tell that so far everything has been smooth, thanks
for the neat API.

Then I go to my question.

We usually don't statically link other libraries, for windows we
distribute the dlls from official distribution binaries (if any). For
unix we distribute source that uses autofoo (./configure) to guess
what's present and configure to use what's on the system. What gets
actually linked to the binary is out to the package builder (we
ourselves don't build packages for any unix platform).

Not long ago I've read a post on this list (debian package thread)
stating that it's not encouraged to dinamically link against a Lua
shared lib on the target system. Been that both against our policy and
common practice I wonder which are the underlying reasons.

Best Regards,

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-- Marshall McLuhan