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On Saturday 28 January 2006 2:16 pm, Markus Walther wrote:
> Recently I have been looking at ways to simplify web programming in a
> server-side Lua scripting context. Reading up on the functional
> programming community's ideas, I saw their prevailing idea of using
> continuations, e.g.

i've implemented this using coroutines, it's in the CVS of Xavante.  (can you 
access it in luaforge? if not, i can send you a tarball).

i haven't used real continuations, but i've read a bit of them in Scheme.  i 
didn't find necessary to do multiple resumptions; but to be sincere, very few 
people have looked at that code, so maybe there are some desirable features i 
haven't thought about.

IOW, look at it, i'd love to get some feedback.


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