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On 25/01/06, mnewberry <> wrote:
> Good point about {}. I hadn't thought about it in great detail.
> But what's wrong with != and // ??

     Let me try this: They're from another language. "Another" as in
"not the same". At this pace, people wil soon ask for switch
statements and braces instead of do/end. Oh, wait... Seriously people,
if you want interpreted C look at TCC[1]. Lua IS NOT C. Lua is not C
semantically and should not be syntactically. Some people have even
argued that not mimicking C harms Lua. What harms Lua is people
changing it to look more like C, which may fool their users into
thinking they're similar. Luas is as similar to C as C is to Haskell's
     The syntatic differences even help me. I switch between Lua and C
several times a day, and I must switch the way I program as well.
Programming in Lua  is very different of programming in C, and the
syntatic differences help me remember that.

[1]  -