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On 1/24/06, Mark Manyen <> wrote:
Update: I got it to work.

OK, so now I'm curious. Did you get it to work by resorting to a Lua
5.0 build, or did you add-in/enable Compat-5.1?

- Keith


Actually, I removed Compat-5.1 from the build of luasql as well as removing the headers from the source code. Then, I changed the startup function name to the 5.1 standard and [ding ding ding!]
	Great!  Now you have LuaSQL for Lua 5.1 :-)  We are doing this
kind of changes you've made but to all of the Kepler libraries.  But we
are going to release a final version for Lua 5.0 before.
	Anyway, I'd like to say that what Keith asked is what we mean
of the environment to run any of the Kepler libraries: LuaBinaries R2 and
Compat-5.1.  This environment was chosen to minimize the changes between
Lua 5.0 and Lua 5.1.  For C libraries, the modifications are just what Mark
done; in Lua libraries it could be a bit different but not too much work.
On the other hand, for applications it could be easier!