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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> The tarball at has been
> replaced by one containing the fixes suggested so far. Since there have
> been a few of those, we shall wait a little longer before freezing Lua 5.1.
> Please take a look and send us your comments or post them here.

A quick look shows only some minor things:

- The "echo" target prints INSTALL_CMOD twice.

- Now that we have LUA_NUMBER_DOUBLE (thank you!), it's probably
  a good idea to mask the lua_number2int trick since it works
  with doubles only:

#if defined(LUA_NUMBER_DOUBLE) && !defined(LUA_ANSI) && !defined(__SSE2__) && \
    (defined(__i386) || defined (_M_IX86) || defined(__i386__))