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On Tuesday, January 24, 2006 1:55 AM, Ben Sizer wrote:

> On 1/24/06, Vijay Aswadhati <> wrote:
> > I am also puzzled by the following: is it that I tend to dislike
> > some languages because they are overly hyped, or is it simply
> > because I find them non-aesthetic and/or uninspiring?
> > For scripting, I would always pick one of Icon, Lua, Rexx,
> > Ruby, but not Perl or Python.
> I would be interested to hear why you would not consider Python,
> as it
> has a very similar underlying model to Lua. Is it the syntax you
> dislike?

Although I do find the indentation model quirky, I have no strong
dislikes or anti-python sentiments; in fact I like most of its

I was just wondering behind the process of someone coming to a
conclusion of something being brilliant - in other words what are
the attributes of being 'brilliant'. 

If it was just 'generators' (from my read) I think the author (of
MyHDL) has probably not done enough research in choosing a scripting
language. Or perhaps he did and chose Python for axiomatic reasons
just like BEEP chose XML simply because it was the most popular.