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Boyko Bantchev wrote:
I don't think that the indentation rule is, or was, ``a stupid
idea'', although I would prefer to be able to use an alternative
style as well (as in Haskell).  First, it is not all the
``whitespace'' that is meaningful, just indentation.
Second, the problem with `make' is not about indentation,
it is about using tabs -- something that one usually doesn't
see, but which can easily, and automatically, change or
disappear without the user even noticing it did.
With the indentation itself I see no problem whatsoever.

You're holding up make as a poster child for indentation? It is the worst syntax I have ever seen! I am shocked that it survives from the 60's! It just goes to show that people will literally use anything, as long as it has example source to reference!

chris marrin                ,""$,          b`    $                             ,,.
                        mP     b'                            , 1$'
        ,.`           ,b`    ,`                              :$$'
     ,|`             mP    ,`                                       ,mm
   ,b"              b"   ,`            ,mm      m$$    ,m         ,`P$$
  m$`             ,b`  .` ,mm        ,'|$P   ,|"1$`  ,b$P       ,`  :$1
 b$`             ,$: :,`` |$$      ,`   $$` ,|` ,$$,,`"$$     .`    :$|
b$|            _m$`,:`    :$1   ,`     ,$Pm|`    `    :$$,..;"'     |$:
P$b,      _;b$$b$1"       |$$ ,`      ,$$"             ``'          $$
 ```"```'"    `"`         `""`        ""`                          ,P`
"As a general rule,don't solve puzzles that open portals to Hell"'