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Good list, Mike! :)

Some comments/questions, not necessarily for you, but in general..

1. Is #t NOT expected to work, if a table has both integer (1..N) and other (string, etc) keys? If so, it's really too easy to mess it up, I hope #t would always find the 'N', no matter which other keys there are (note: hole issue is different).

2. Extension packages will still need to make sure all directories they're placing stuff to (including the share/lua/5.1) exist. In fact, they normally must do this in order for packaging to work, since the packaging is made to a dummy, clean, directory structure, and then wrapped together into .deb or something.

Anyways, having Lua do this as well would not hurt, and it'd emphasize the standard places, at least.


Mike Pall kirjoitti 18.1.2006 kello 17.30:

- table.maxn(t) should be documented as 'expensive' and only to
  be used if #t does not work (for arrays with holes or tables
  with non-integer keys).


- 'make install' still does not create the module directories.
  It's the duty of the core package to create the module
  directories and the duty of the add-on (module) packages to put
  modules into them:

INSTALL_LMOD= $(INSTALL_TOP)/share/lua/5.1

install: all
	... mkdir -p ... $(INSTALL_LMOD) $(INSTALL_CMOD)