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On Sunday 08 January 2006 5:53 am, Alexander Altshuler wrote:
> Does Xavante support in any way digest authentication?

not by itself

in fact, i haven't really read the digest authentication specification; i 
can't claim to understand it.

this is the kind of feature that shouldn't be in the core but in a special 
handler.  i think right now it would be very awkward to make into a handler; 
but the next idea is to abstract much more functionality into handlers.  
specifically, the main dispatcher would be a handler that calls more 

any authentication module could then be a handler that calls the real handlers 
(CGILua, filehandler, or even the main dispatcher) after doing it's work.

or maybe i'm totally offbase, and the authentication can be done just reading 
some headers.... if so, a simple function to check it would be enough.

care to enlighten us about the digest authentication method?