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I sent a separate mail to Lua authors on this, but... a more common survey wouldn't hurt? :)

Lua 5.1 beta still uses "pushNumber" in the os.time() function, but as far as I know, any 'time_t' is always an integer, albeit the interpretation of that value may differ. Is this right?

In other words, there is no system anywhere, that'd use 'float' or 'double' for time_t.

If so, the return of os.time() should imho use "pushInteger()", which does make a difference on float/int32 patched systems, where pushing an integer allows full 32-bit range, but pushing a number (float) does not.

Small thing, unless one stumbles accross it.. (and one does, since current time_t values are outside of float range, so values change only every now and then, not by each second)

thanks for opinions,